• Learn English at DynaSpeak

    Learn English at DynaSpeak

    Get confident when speaking to others using English, pursue a range of study options, or advance your career.

  • Dynaspeak's Friendly Environment

    Dynaspeak's Friendly Environment

    Our comfortable environment helps you make global friends across cultures as your language skills improve and you discover more about life, work and study in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

  • Outstanding Facilities All Around Auckland

    Outstanding Facilities All Around Auckland

    At DynaSpeak you'll find excellent teachers, outstanding facilities and modern resources so that you'll fast-track your learning.

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We Offer

New Zealand Certificate in English Language


We offer free English classes to new migrants, refugees, and residents at five convenient locations in Auckland. Our classes will help you improve your English, meet new people, and learn about life and culture in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Enroll in our National Certificate in English Language (NZCEL) programmes and we will help you become a more competent English language user and achieve your goals.



For an introduction to English for absolute beginners, to help start communicating about day-to-day activities and social events.

Level 1


For an introduction to, and to build confidence in basic, everyday English to help with family, school, and social events.

Level 2


To help begin developing general, everyday English to help with family, school, jobs and social events.

Level 3


Listen to texts about everyday life situations, deliver oral presentations about yourself, and write informative texts about yourself. 

Level 3 Qualifiers


Choose to study just one of the three Level 3 qualifiers: Applied General, Applied Employment or Applied Academic. 

Level 4 Qualifiers


You may choose to study all three of the Level 4 qualifiers (one per semester) and they may be studied in any order of preference.

Level 5 Academic


Listen and understand spoken texts including complex multi-person discussions on concrete or abstract topics for academic purposes.

Thriving Tauira Testimonials

Hon Kwok Pan
"DynaSpeak has a diverse learning environment for students and the age range of their students is wide, I can see senior students here studying with younger generations!"
Rosa Zapata
"I really enjoy my learning at DynaSpeak, especially the presentations. When we showed our photos and explained them, it was very interesting to learn something about the lives of my classmates."
Kuldeep Kaur
"My learning experience at DynaSpeak is different from other institutes. The teacher is very good at explaining the content and has a good grasp of the subject. As a result, I have gained new English skills."

Cathy Li

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things.

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