Katalin Foldi

1/24/24, 11:17 AM

My name is Katalin Foldi, and I have been living in New Zealand for 5 years. I am from Hungary, and I speak Hungarian, English, and Spanish. All my language skills were acquired, and studying at Dynaspeak was my first English class since school. I didn't know anything about Dynaspeak before joining to learn English.

I saw an advert on Facebook and immediately applied; that's how I joined to study at Dynaspeak. It was a very good decision. The facility is well-equipped, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Our teacher, Deborah, is fabulous. She is always well-prepared, her classes are fluid, informative, and entertaining. The conversational topics for the classes were interesting, and I have gained not only better grammar skills and much understanding of New Zealand's culture but also new friends. I hope I will be able to take another (higher level) English course at Dynaspeak in the future.