Student Profile

Anwar Jahan Khatoon

8/8/23, 3:03 PM

My name is Anwar Jahan Khatoon. I have been living here since May 2022. I am originally from India. My mother tongue is Hindi. Yes, I can speak Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, regional language Sadri and little bit Panjabi. Yes, little bit. I studied English at high school, but my English proficiency wasn’t great. There were many reasons for choosing DynaSpeak; (a) I had previously heard about the good reputation of DynaSpeak had as an English Language school. (b) Fees free option to pursue English education. (c) Ideal location in the heart of Albany and closer to my home. (d) Great teaching and learning environment with highly qualified and competent management and teachers. Right now, I’m enrolled in level 3B General module. Yes, the studies here are completely different from what I have studied till now. The method of teaching is very effective and easy to understand for beginners and Intermediate students. Additionally, quality of teaching combined with the friendly staff and teachers creates an ideal environment for learning. We can say the quality is teaching is awesome, the teachers are very professional, they are always ready to help you. In particular, I am very thankful to my teacher Annie Wang and Zahir Shah who have helped me in my studies and guided me towards getting better at written and oral English. Honestly, DynaSpeak has helped me immensely with my language skills and have also given me an opportunity to meet and make new friends. I’m so grateful for this experience as I have developed new friendships and perspective on life by studying at DynaSpeak. Becoming better at English has also helped me in developing my understanding of New Zealand and its unique culture, together with an appreciation of Maori history and other wider pacific cultures. Being able to speak, read and write in English has given me an immense opportunity to grow my social circle as an immigrant and for that, I thank DynaSpeak. My future long-term goals are to teach University students after completing my English studies. For this, I plan to pursue a Teacher Training course here or any course related to it and eventually join the education field as I have years of experience in teaching back in India and I want to being that experience to NZ students. My best memories at DynaSpeak are not one but many. From making some really good lifelong friends to building by confidence in English language has been a journey that I will always remember and be thankful about. I came to DynaSpeak with many doubts about my language skills and about my own self confidence and I’m really thankful that the teachers here have been able to completely build up my confidence by teaching and supporting us with all the exercises throughout the semester. I’m much more confident about myself and my language skills and for that I would like to thank the teaching staff and management of DynaSpeak.