Student Profile: Doudou MA

"In China, I mainly studied English for school tests, but at DynaSpeak, we have more opportunities to practice speaking English in everyday situations. "

9/6/23, 10:56 AM

Doudou Ma is a dedicated student from China who has been living in New Zealand for the past seven years. With a strong foundation in English acquired during high school, Doudou decided to study with DynaSpeak to further enhance his language skills and engage with native English speakers.

Currently studying at the Foundation level, Doudou's experience at DynaSpeak has been unique compared to his previous English learning environments. While back in China he focused on English for school tests, DynaSpeak has provided him with valuable opportunities to practice speaking English in real-life situations, contributing to his overall language fluency.

DynaSpeak's impact on Doudou's life extends beyond language learning. He has become a valuable support system for his classmates, offering assistance whenever needed. Furthermore, studying alongside students from diverse backgrounds has broadened his horizons, allowing him to learn not only English but also gain insights into various cultures.

Looking ahead, Doudou's long-term goals include achieving fluency in English and developing the confidence to navigate everyday life situations effortlessly. Once he completes his studies at DynaSpeak, Doudou intends to channel his English skills into either starting his own business or seeking employment where he can continue to grow his language abilities while forging new connections and friendships.

Doudou Ma's story is one of determination and growth, showcasing the transformative power of language education. Follow his journey as he continues to strive towards fluency, cultural understanding, and a bright future in NZ.