Student Profile: Erica

Erica is telling us about herself

5/31/23, 9:39 PM

My name is Erica and I come from Tangshan China. I have been to New Zealand for 3 years, just bofore the Covid. I studied English at schools, starting from junior high, but stopped learning it after I finished high school. I could not finished a complete sentence when I first arrived. All I can say is Yes and No, with broken sentences. I am married to a kiwi husband. In order to have better communication with him, I decided to study English. Then, a friend of mine recommended my DynaSpeak. I studied here since level 1. Darlene was my teacher. During my study here, I learned a lot in speaking and communication, as well as English used in daily life, things like seeing a doctor, going shopping. Now I can join conversation with my husband and my in laws. My goal is to study a degree in healthcare. Therefore, I am going to keep on studying at DynaSpeak until I reach level 4. My most memorable moment was the one on one tutorial with teacher Ray. I was able to engage in the conversation with him for 2 hours. I was amazed that I could understand everything he was saying and I was able to communicate back.