Student Profile: Iryna Arutyunova

"It is fun to understand other people’s opinions and sharing different ideas. We have different nationalities, so I learned a lot of manners too. I can say “Hi” to my neighbours with confident. " - Iryna Arutyunova

9/15/23, 11:28 AM

My name is Iryna Arutyunova, and I've had the incredible opportunity to be part of the DynaSpeak English course here in Auckland for the past 10 months. Hailing from Ukraine, my mother tongue is Russian, but my journey into the world of languages has taken me to places I could have never imagined.

English was a subject I studied for 55 years back in Ukraine. However, the way I learned it then was quite different from my experience with DynaSpeak. In those days, our teachers were not native English speakers, and our primary resources were books. While it provided a foundation, there were gaps in my understanding, particularly when it came to grammar and spelling.

The turning point in my language journey came when my daughter-in-law, a university English professor, introduced me to DynaSpeak. I enrolled in the course, and it has been an enlightening experience. Currently, I'm at Level 2 (pre-intermediate), and the progress has been remarkable.

One of the most significant differences between my previous English classes in Ukraine and DynaSpeak is the opportunity to speak English with my classmates and learn directly from native speakers. This immersion has made a world of difference in my language skills.

Beyond the classroom, it has been an absolute joy to understand and appreciate the opinions of people from different nationalities. We come together, share our thoughts and ideas, and in the process, I've learned not just the language but also various manners and customs from around the world.

Now, I can confidently greet my neighbors with a cheerful "Hi!" My ultimate goal is to continue my English journey with my classmates through Level 4, which means two more years together. With this newfound language proficiency, I aspire to live life more independently, from shopping to visiting museums and cinemas alone, all while confidently communicating with people from all walks of life.

As a gesture of sharing my own culture, I baked a delightful honey cake called "napoleon" for my classmates. To my delight, my teacher and classmates loved it, and it was a heartwarming moment of cultural exchange.

Speaking of my teacher, he is a very gentle man who has played a pivotal role in my journey. I sincerely hope to have the privilege of learning from him again next semester.

In conclusion, my experience with DynaSpeak has been transformative. It has opened up a world of opportunities, expanded my horizons, and given me the confidence to navigate life in Auckland independently. I'm immensely grateful for this enriching experience and look forward to the continued growth and learning that DynaSpeak offers.