Student Profile: Toshiko Miyashiro

Another profile from one of our great students

5/31/23, 9:14 PM

I had a great experience studying at DynaSpeak! Before coming to New Zealand, I was worried about how I would communicate with the locals since my English skills were limited. However, DynaSpeak's English language program was the perfect fit for me. The teaching method was the easiest to understand among any other school I had ever experienced, and the homework was divided into each theme, making it easy to work on.

I loved how DynaSpeak provided an environment where I could focus on learning. Everyone spoke English, and I was able to ask questions to the receptionist and my teachers with confidence, something I was not able to do before. The school also taught me about New Zealand's culture, and the Maori people, something I had never been exposed to before. I found it wonderful to live in a country that respected these cultures.

My ultimate goal was to speak English fluently, and DynaSpeak helped me achieve this. I completed level 3 and learned a lot about English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I was able to use new vocabulary I learned at school when speaking with classmates and teachers. The assessments I took gave me more confidence in speaking to English speakers. The printouts my teacher gave me were helpful, and I plan to keep reviewing them to achieve my goal.

I highly recommend DynaSpeak to anyone who wants to learn English in a supportive environment. The teachers are fantastic, and the program is designed to help students learn step by step. Thank you, DynaSpeak, for making my goal of speaking English fluently possible!