Student Profile: Victoriia

8/24/23, 11:39 AM

Victoriia Komyslyva is a determined and vibrant student hailing from Ukraine, who has been residing in New Zealand for the past six years. Having arrived in New Zealand with a basic understanding of English, she quickly immersed herself in the language. Her prior knowledge of English, acquired in Ukraine, provided a foundation upon which she built her language skills. Eager to further enhance her abilities, she chose to study with DynaSpeak based on the glowing recommendations from her friends and the school's excellent reputation. Unlike previous learning environments, where English lessons lacked excitement, DynaSpeak has proven to be a delightful and engaging platform for her language development. Victoriia appreciates the humorous and interactive teaching methods, which have made learning English an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the opportunity to practice English with her teachers and classmates has significantly boosted her confidence in speaking the language.


Studying at DynaSpeak has left a lasting impact on Victoriia's life. Not only has she made numerous friends, but she has also had a great time immersing herself in a multicultural setting. However, Victoriia acknowledges that she still has a journey ahead to improve her English skills. She recognizes the importance of reading extensively to broaden her vocabulary and enhance her language proficiency.