Student Profile - Ana

"I am feeling like a new person since studying with DynaSpeak. "

12/13/23, 10:54 AM

Hello, I'm Ana from Chile. When I first arrived in New Zealand, I didn't know any English. I used to work in construction where most of my colleagues spoke only Spanish, so I didn't have many opportunities to practice English. While I've always enjoyed going to the Olympic pool, I used to avoid conversations with others in the sauna due to a lack of confidence.

However, since attending DynaSpeak, I've seen significant improvement, especially in my speaking skills. Now, working as a barrister, I can confidently communicate with my clients. Even when I'm alone, I have no issues serving clients as I can effectively communicate with them. I've come to enjoy chatting with people in the sauna, and I've gained a newfound confidence.

Moreover, my time at DynaSpeak has not only enhanced my language skills but also deepened my understanding of New Zealand culture. This knowledge has been instrumental in helping me integrate into life here.