Student profile: Jack Li

5/2/24, 10:22 AM

My name is Jack Li and I am originally from Hubei, China. I have been living in New Zealand for the past 4 years. My mother tongue is Chinese, but I have also been learning English. Before coming to New Zealand, I had some basic English skills that I picked up during my time at university in China.

I decided to enroll in the language courses at DynaSpeak after a friend recommended the program to me. This semester, I have been studying at Level 1. I've found the experience at DynaSpeak to be quite different from my previous language studies, as they offer a very structured, formal curriculum with high-quality learning materials. Overall, my time at DynaSpeak has been very positive.

The impact of studying at DynaSpeak has been significant for me. My English skills have improved dramatically, and I've gained a much better understanding of daily life in New Zealand. I've also made some new friends through the program.

Looking ahead, my long-term goal is to be able to communicate freely in English. To achieve this, I plan to continue studying the language diligently even after completing my courses at DynaSpeak. I'm excited to keep improving my English abilities and to further immerse myself in the New Zealand culture.